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The relationship between human beings and nature is present in everyday life, narrated, mediated, and fictionalized through stories, tales, and myths that define how we inhabit the planet. Words, voices, images, and fiction shape how we relate to what we understand as natural. Cthulhu Books brings together reflections and worlds that derive from distinct perspectives, emerging new ways of talking about nature and suggesting malleable relationships between words and what they describe. 

Editorial platform by
Institute for
Postnatural Studies

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cthulhu books is an editorial platform that invites us to reflect and imagine worlds, cultivating new ways of talking about nature and insinuating malleable relationships between words and what they describe.

A Book for Disappearance

A Book for Disappearance explores themes of extinction and ecology through the lens of contemporary technology and using AI and image-generation platforms as collective tools. It grapples with the contradictions of living in this world full of worlds and full of crises, while revindicating processes of nomadic becoming, transcending fixed identities, and collective emergence. While disappearance may seem abstract or esoteric, it has tangible implications for both individual and collective action. In this book, the concept of disappearance emerges as an alternative, including a variety of short poetic and experimental texts on the multiple possibilities that surface from our engagement with AI alter-egos and a collective artistic exercise with image generation technologies. Texts by Laura Tripaldi, Institute of Queer Ecologies, and Stacy Alaimo provide further food for thought, and invite readers into recondite explorations—of parasitic spaces and ghost bodies through materialist feminisms; of oak archives and the previous lives that forests can narrate to us; of acid oceans and the psychedelic trips they might afford.
    Institute for Postnatural Studies
    Institute of Queer Ecologies
    Laura Tripaldi
    Stacy Alaimo

    Abdulla Buhijji
    Alex Knychalska
    Alvaro Azcarraga
    Anna-Katharina Laboissière
    Annika Kappner
    Antonine Scali Ringwald     
    Barbara Kiolbassa  
    Catherine Taft
    Egór Kraft
    Elisa Balmaceda
    Elizabeth Burmann Littin
    Ella Rosenblatt
    Florencia Pochinki
    Gina Sara
    Kashi Proenza
    Grace Leonora Turtle
    Guillem S. Arquer Ishaan
    Aggarwal Joeëllâ Kálâlã
    Joke Van den Heuvel
    Laura Pante
    Lena Kuzmich
    Lena Michalik
    Mio Al-Hashimy
    Nadine El Khoury
    Natalia Sorzano
    Paulina Mirowska
    Rithika Pandey
    Ryder Kimball
    Shayma Nader
    Tom Shepherd-Barron
    Traian Cherecheș
    Veronika Gryshchuk
    Walla Capelobo
    Yo-E Ryou
    Zoe Keller

Editorial team:
    Yuri Tuma
    Gabriel Alonso
    Catalina Imizcoz
    Karol Muñozcano

Editorial design:
   Matteo Guarnaccia
    Alicia Sánchez

   Texts in English


    June 2023


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ISBN: 978-84-09-61839-2
Dimentions: 18x 25 cm
Pages: 167
we? (PIP 2023)
A book for Disappearing (PIP 2024) 


(VAT. included)

We? and A Book for Disappearance were both produced within the framework of PIP, the Institute of Postnatural Studies six-months long learning space, which offers theoretical tools, embodied learning, and expertise to define and develop projects that examine postnature as a framework for contemporary creation. With essays by the distinguished faculty and contributions by the participants of the 2023 and 2024 editions, the books in this bundle present the latest research and debates of this experimental platform for ecological thinking.