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The relationship between human beings and nature is present in everyday life, narrated, mediated, and fictionalized through stories, tales, and myths that define how we inhabit the planet. Words, voices, images, and fiction shape how we relate to what we understand as natural. Cthulhu Books brings together reflections and worlds that derive from distinct perspectives, emerging new ways of talking about nature and suggesting malleable relationships between words and what they describe. 

Editorial platform by
Institute for
Postnatural Studies

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cthulhu books is an editorial platform that invites us to reflect and imagine worlds, cultivating new ways of talking about nature and insinuating malleable relationships between words and what they describe.

Compost Reader vol. I

From Cthulhu Books, we think of the world to come as a great Compost. Composting as our new relational ontology, as our earthly condition. Composting makes us a single planetary material (humans, beings, objects, technologies). It is the past and it is the future. It is space, place and it is matter. It is a world as a whole rather than as composed of separate natural and social realms, where there are rituals of celebration, entanglements, and interrelationships. To institute means to begin – cultivating consciousness from questions rather than from answers, from uncertainty and doubt. This book speaks about beginnings, about new relationships, about unstable modes of doing, thinking, and being, letting questions spawn new questions.
    Claudia González
    Adrian Schindler and Eulàlia Rovira
    Gerard Ortín
    Jonathon Keats
    Marianne Hoffmeister
    Yamil Leonardi
    Ricardo Quesada
    Sonia Fernández Pan
    Azucena Castro
    Mónica Mays
    Michael Wang
    Lucrecia Masson

    Yuri Tuma
    Elena Brea
    Julia Fernandez-Plaza
    Gabriel Alonso

Editorial Assistants:
    Pablo Ferreira Navone
    Karol Muñozcano

Editorial design:
    Otro Bureau
    Matteo Guarnaccia

    Texts in English and Spanish but not translated


    Cover: Materica Gesso 250g
    Inside: Munken print white 90g

    April 2022


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ISBN: 9788409333585
Dimentions: 21 x 15 cm, 250g.
Pages: 155 p.