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The relationship between human beings and nature is present in everyday life, narrated, mediated, and fictionalized through stories, tales, and myths that define how we inhabit the planet. Words, voices, images, and fiction shape how we relate to what we understand as natural. Cthulhu Books brings together reflections and worlds that derive from distinct perspectives, emerging new ways of talking about nature and suggesting malleable relationships between words and what they describe. 

Editorial platform by
Institute for
Postnatural Studies

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cthulhu books is an editorial platform that invites us to reflect and imagine worlds, cultivating new ways of talking about nature and insinuating malleable relationships between words and what they describe.

La condición postnatural
Glosario de ecologías para otros mundos

What is postnature? How to understand the socio-climatic crisis and where to look for new narratives for a desirable future? What is the relationship between contemporary ecology and artistic practices? The postnatural condition is a speculative glossary of terms and images, of stories and materials, an unfinished archive of intertwined thoughts. This book, which includes theoretical texts, situated examples, and artistic projects, presents a critical view of the modern Western conception of the "natural" and proposes new perspectives and resonances. Mixing affective philosophies, minor anthropologies, critical historical revisions, minimal histories, narratives, and stories on the margins, it seeks to proliferate a kaleidoscopic vision around ecology in an increasingly deteriorating world, inviting us to imagine and propose other worlds to come from respect, empathy, and coexistence.
    Gabriel Alonso

    Gabriel Alonso
    Clara Benito

    Clara Benito

Editorial Assistants:
    Yuri Tuma    
    Karol Muñozcano

Graphic design:
    Matteo Guarnaccia

Graphic design assistant:
    Alicia Sánchez González
    Alessia Lapio

    Paloma Villalobo, Valentín Bansac, Nicolás Sánchez, Juan David Figueroa, Fionn Duffy, Aitor Frías, Andra Lena, Pop Juri, Geerts Dana, Lorenzo Galgó, Maria Morata, Valeria Mata, Maya Pita-Romero, Lily Chishan Wong, Sina Sohrab, Davide Marcianesi, Preethisakana Mathiseka, Alessandro Pasero, Anna Raffaghello, Ludmila Secchin, Federico Dopazo, Alba Noguera.


    Cover: Rainbow 78 intensive green 230gr
    Inside: Munken print white 90g

    Jannuary 2024


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ISBN: 9788409478514
Dimentions: 17 x 24 cm
Weight: 600gr.
Pages: 292