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The relationship between human beings and nature is present in everyday life, narrated, mediated, and fictionalized through stories, tales, and myths that define how we inhabit the planet. Words, voices, images, and fiction shape how we relate to what we understand as natural. Cthulhu Books brings together reflections and worlds that derive from distinct perspectives, emerging new ways of talking about nature and suggesting malleable relationships between words and what they describe. 

Editorial platform by
Institute for
Postnatural Studies

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cthulhu books is an editorial platform that invites us to reflect and imagine worlds, cultivating new ways of talking about nature and insinuating malleable relationships between words and what they describe.

List of animal displaying homosexual behaviours

On Thursday October 12, 2006, the Museum of Natural History at the University of Oslo opened the first exhibition dedicated to gay animals, curated by Geir Soeli. Today, we know that homosexuality is a common and widespread phenomenon in the animal world. Not only short-term sexual intercourse, but also long-term relations; associations that can even last a lifetime. The exhibit featured a small selection of the nearly 1,500 species in which homosexuality has been observed. This fascinating story of the secret life of animals was told through models, photos, texts and specimens.
500×700 mm
Offset Print
100 gr. coated paper

    Matteo Guarnaccia


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