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The relationship between human beings and nature is present in everyday life, narrated, mediated, and fictionalized through stories, tales, and myths that define how we inhabit the planet. Words, voices, images, and fiction shape how we relate to what we understand as natural. Cthulhu Books brings together reflections and worlds that derive from distinct perspectives, emerging new ways of talking about nature and suggesting malleable relationships between words and what they describe. 

Editorial platform by
Institute for
Postnatural Studies

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cthulhu books is an editorial platform that invites us to reflect and imagine worlds, cultivating new ways of talking about nature and insinuating malleable relationships between words and what they describe.


The first Postnatural Independent Program (PIP 2023) by the Institute for Postnatural Studies was imagined as a new learning space that could offer theoretical tools and embodied knowledge to help define and develop ideas and projects that examine postnature as a framework for contemporary creation. It emerged as an inclusive and horizontal virtual campus, in constant shifting. Structured in three online modules, and accompanied by renowned international thinkers, artists, curators, and philosophers, it was complemented by two in-person encounters in Madrid. We believe that the complex and multilayered space that emerges from conversations, ideas, shared intimacies, vulnerabilities, and propositions has real consequences in the world. Who is “we”? And how can “we” stay together, despite our differences? How can “we” create collectivity without sameness, and bypass the pull towards homogeneity? This book is a reflection, reverberation and resonance of our seven months together.
2023 PIP participants:
    Adriana Gallo
    Aliaskar Abarkas
    Ama Josephine Budge Johnstone
    Ana Roman
    Ana Rosela del Bosque
    Andrea Lumplecker
    Ania Mokrzycka
    Caroline Ward
    Caterina Gobbi
    Davide Marcianesi
    Diogo da Cruz
    Dominika Wasilewska
    Felix Bell
    Hannah Hallam-Eames
    Ishita Jain
    Korallia Stergides
    Kosmas Phan Dinh
    Lindertje Mans
    Lisa Mazenauer
    Lissy Willberg
    Madison Bycroft
    Maite Rodríguez
    Matheline Marmy
    Natália Trejbalová
    Noa Jansma
    Raju Rage
    Sai Di
    Sara Bonaventura
    Sol Archer
    V for 5

PIP Faculty:
    Karen Barad
    Claire Colebrook
    Lorenzo Sandoval
    Cary Wolfe
    Institute of Queer Ecology
    Filipa Ramos
    Gesyada Siregar
    Paloma Contreras
    Báyò Akómoláfé
    Stacy Alaimo
    Mary Maggic
    Uriel Fogué

   Yuri Tuma 
    Clara Benito
    Gabriel Alonso

Editorial Assistants:
    Pablo Ferreira Navone
    Karol Muñozcano

Editorial design:
    Matteo Guarnaccia

   Texts in English 


    Cover: Constellation Snow 280 gr.
    Inside: Munken Print blanco 80 gr.

Thanks to:
    Natalia Menghini
    Nuria Muñoz Pérez
    Inés Sierra Prado

    July 2023
You can read the book on pdf here.


Legal deposit: 

    21 x 15 cm, 250g.